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JOTUGRIHO Film is made to protest against violence, hooliganism, drug addiction and many other ills of the society. This project is a women centric story. We have made this project to support all age women, aged people and every peace-loving person.
JOTUGRIHO ( ills of the society )movie is being directed by Himanish Dasgupta and produced under the banner of H i M Production.

Veteran actor Rudraprasad Sengupta is in lead along with Pankaj Munshi, Gargi Roy Chowdhury, Urnisha, Rajib Samanta, Susanta Dutta, Himanish Dasgupta and others shared the screen. Music has been composed by Murari Raychoudhury ( Sangeet Natak Akademy Awardee 2012). While Cinematography us done by Rasu Howlader. Story and Screenplay has been penned down by director himself.

Synopsis: – This is a story of an aged idealistic professor and his brave daughter (Ananya). Both of them always protests against the odds of the society. One day a young handicapped incense-stick seller eventually met them. The professor suddenly recalls that once upon a time he was his favorite student. After that they had a long chat. But, the young seller stole few amounts of money and ran away. Afterward Ananya caught him and asked few pertinent questions. Many secrets came out during that session. In the climax there is a shivering revealation.