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Kolkata: Under the aegis of Rajkamal Prakashan Group and Radhakrishna Paperbacks, the release and discussion on eminent Hindi poet Yatish Kumar’s second poetry collection ‘Aavirbhav’ was organized. Books released by senior litterateurs Shri Mrityunjay Kumar Singh, Shri Ashutosh Singh, Shri Rajyavardhan, Shri Priyankar Paliwal and Shri Vinay Mishra, Shri Yatish Kumar, Smt. Smita Goyal and Smt. Ritu Tiwari at the function organized at the press corner of the 46th International Kolkata Book Fair on Friday.

Talking about the poetry, Shri Mrityunjay Kumar Singh said that this kind of experiment is new in Hindi literature. There has also been a tradition of writing poems on poems but to my knowledge this is the first work on prose. Through emergence a new craft was introduced and through this the readers would also be inspired to access the original works. The feeling that the author must have gone through while creating the original works which are at the centre of this collection, has also been communicated through Yatish.

Senior poet-critic Shri Ashutosh Singh said in the context of the collection that this is a unique style which would have to limit the essence of poems to be named as poetry review. This is a feeling of running parallel to the poem and the way the poet has arranged it is commendable.

Underlining several poems of the collection, poet Shri Rajyavardhan said that this is a new experiment in modern Hindi literature and it must be welcomed. It is a challenging task to cultivate compositions like ‘Mujhe Chand Chahiye’ by Surendra Verma and maintain the sensitivity in the poetic rhythm.

Drawing the aura of poetry in prose, poet and critic Shri Priyankar Paliwal said that any new genre enters the world with a little doubt. Whatever may have been the source of the poems compiled in the collection, it is only independent poems. In such a time when genres are getting confused, in that time the emergence of ‘Avirbhav’ and these poems become of great importance. These are the poems of the unfinished path.

Regarding the image and craft of the poems, the eminent critic Shri Vinay Mishra said that the genre has its own limitations but Yatish’s creativity has established a rare connection between the poems and the original creation. In what form to take this collection, it is certainly a matter of discussion, but the poems are good. Its imagery attracts.

Poet Yatish Kumar also outlined the creation process and journey. While conducting the programme, Ritu Tiwari also recited selected lines from the collection. On this occasion, Smt. Smita Goyal, Shri Manoj Jha, Shri Mrityunjay Srivastava and many eminent writers and literature lovers of the city were present.