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Kolkata, 13th February 2023: 7th Heaven, the ultimate bakery cafe chain in India with a Live Kitchen concept unfolded the special celebration of Valentine’s Day for the first time with young and enthusiastic food bloggers in town. The city of joy is famously known for its multi-diverse heritage, where food and dessert is something that is a heartthrob for everyone. 7th Heaven Kolkata, ever since its inception, has ensured that this bond between people and their love for desserts remains intact and flavourful with a touch of new innovations, love, and fresh baking daily.

7th Heaven is a 100% vegetarian bakery cafe, providing a one-stop solution to all sweet tooth cravings. It offers a diverse range of flavours at affordable prices, catering to all customer segments. The brand specializes in customizing cakes or desserts as per customers’ preferences and needs. In June 2018, the Salt Lake outlet became the first 7th Heaven outlet in eastern India. The Live Kitchen concept, in which one can watch their cakes being baked in front of them, is intriguing. After a successful response and showering love from people, in January 2022, 7th Heaven opened its second outlet in Kolkata to meet the demands for their cakes and desserts from South Kolkata.

The Valentine’s week campaign marked the start of new and innovative campaign ideas that the 7th Heaven Kolkata team has coined up. The relay of fun events will run till the end of this year, with something special to offer every month. 7th Heaven Kolkata wants to set up new trends in baking which has no limit. Cakes from 7th Heaven Kolkata are trusted by multiple corporate giants, including Vistara, PwC, Union Bank of India, Indian Bank, Tanishq, Titan, and many others. The entire team of 7th Heaven Kolkata focuses on creating a meaningful and everlasting relationship with every single customer whenever they step in. From tracking social media trends to increasing physical awareness, event booking, and making a presence at festivals, 7th Heaven Kolkata is always a step ahead in experimenting and bringing new changes for its customers and social audience.

According to a recent survey report, the Indian bakery market is worth INR 850 crores and is growing at a phenomenal rate of 20-25% per year, making it one of India’s fastest-growing businesses. Modern bakery products are new to the Indian market, and with changing modern lifestyles in India, they have enormous potential and a long way to go.

Mr. Reshov Sadhukhan, the owner of 7th Heaven Kolkata, spoke on the occasion and said, “The bakery industry in Kolkata is extremely secure and has a booming future. On a daily basis, we cater to almost hundreds of birthdays along with a large number of customized orders for anniversaries and special occasions happening across the city, including special days such as Valentine’s Day, New Year, Weddings, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, and so on. At 7th Heaven Kolkata, we never compromise on quality, and we have a loyal customer base that adores and appreciates the freshness of our products and the exotic range of flavours we offer. Cakes from our outlets have proudly reached all corners of Kolkata, including the film and entertainment industries, corporate sector, banks, five-star hotels, the army, retail shops, and many more. One of the proudest moments from last year was our successful baking and delivery of a whooping 60kg grandeur cake at a wedding reception.”

About 7th Heaven
7th Heaven is India’s largest Live Kitchen bakery chain, with outlets in over 110 cities across the country and even abroad. It is India’s ultimate cake & dessert chain, offering a diverse menu that includes everything from customizable cakes to a large selection of international desserts including cupcakes, macaroons, donuts, tarts, food, beverages, and many other items. Skilled and experienced chefs can transform any thought process into a real and lively 3D cake.