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Adamas University recently signed a series of agreements with Russian universities during the Indo-Russian Education Summit held in New Delhi. As a significant step towards international collaboration in education, more than 50 Russian universities participated in this year’s summit, which served as a platform for strengthening academic exchange and cooperation.
Prof. Dr. Samit Ray, Chancellor, Adamas University, led the university’s engagement by signing an agreement with Kuban State Agrarian University, marking a pivotal step towards interdisciplinary collaboration. Further enhancing its global footprint, Adamas University also signed another agreement with St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia, emphasising its commitment to nurture innovation and research partnerships across borders.
Apart from these mutual agreements, Adamas University also participated in the Roundtable Conference organized by The Northern Forum, an esteemed international organization representing 14 sub-national and regional governments from five countries. At the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, discussions centred on collaborative initiatives in Arctic research and regional development.
Following the conference, Adamas University secured its membership in the esteemed Russian-Asian Arctic Research Consortium through an agreement with The Northern Forum, consolidating its position as a key player in Arctic studies. Adamas also inked another agreement with the National Research Tomsk State University of Russia, enriching its network of international partnerships.
Prof. Samit Ray said that these agreements signed at the Indo-Russian Education Summit have not only highlighted Adamas University’s commitment to nurturing global alliances but also paved the way for transformative collaborations in education, research, and innovation on an international scale.