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New Delhi. Annual exhibition of gadgets and technology associated with music production is going to be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Known as ‘INDIAN DJ EXPO- 2023, this exhibition will be held from 20th to 22nd July. This DJ Expo is one of the biggest exhibitions of the whole asian continent and this is what makes this expo more intriguing. As a matter of fact in this three days long annual expo various tools of music industry will be showcased. Every ultra modern technology from music production and entertainment technology to event production will be on display. From Loudspeakers, to speaker components, to amplifiers, to DJ equipment, to lasers and lighting and LED Screens to Special Effects machines, and cables and connectors and speaker cabinets, you name it and can get it in this boombastic expo. Mr. Manuel Dias, Convenor of the INDIAN DJ Expo said, “The support and love that the INDIAN DJ Expo platform has garnered over the years, since its inception in 2014, is indeed remarkable. Last year the expo received prestigious ‘National recognition Tag’ also, which is certainly a big achievement.” He further said that since 2014 this exhibition has been acting as an aggregator for India’s entertainment business. So in the 2023 edition of INDIAN DJ EXPO top notch of India’s pro audio, pro Light, pro AV lighting and LED display along with technical players of the industry will participate. To promote ‘Make in India’, domestic companies will exhibit their certain brands, which aims to provide modern technology at reasonable prices. “This exhibition is very important for professionals from the event and entertainment industry for various reasons. Among them the most important is that the majority of the Manufacturers and Distributors of the Pro brands are based in Delhi. This will help in building a purposeful networking between the seller and buyer. Moreover the timing of the exhibition will help the industry professional to plan their purchases well in time for the festive season ahead”, added the organizer Manuel Dias.