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Christmas is at midnight. Happy festival everyone. Various churches are also decorated with colorful lights. The Christmas festival will start after 12 o’clock tonight. Merry Christmas everyone. On the eve of Christmas, the Believers Eastern Church of Abdalpur, Madhamgram, stood by the helpless and marginalized people. For the past 22 years, the Church authorities have been celebrating the birthday of Lord Jesus through human service. Throughout the year, Believers Eastern Church is working in various social and human welfare. Christmas was no exception.
On this day, the program begins auspiciously with a special prayer. Archbishop Justin More Thomas Episcopa was present on this day.
Gautam Sarkar, Principal of Aditya Birla Vani Bharti School, Reverend Father Shambhu Das and others were present. On this day, blankets, sarees and shawls were given to marginalized people from the stage of the event. Believers Eastern Church spread this message not only on Christmas but also throughout the year.