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Suchandra Vaaniya’s Statement: Contrary to most actors who don’t like eating much, I truly love my food. But I am a very picky eater and extremely careful of what I eat. One night after the pack up of a hectic day at shoot, I felt some strong Biryani cravings but could not find a single outlet around that served a gluten-free low calorie option. Disappointed, I chucked the craving aside for that night but mentally made a note.A month later, I introduced Just Biriyani, my very own premium freshly prepared &home-delivered biryani brand. Apart from regular options, we also serve an Exclusive range of Gluten Free Low-Calorie Brown Rice Biryanis for all those who love to binge biryani but are also conscious of their weight and health too. Just Biriyani is my passion project and has a dedicated mission for community welfare etched in its ethos. Fifty Percent of All Profits earned by the brand will be re-invested directly into my NGO, Prayash and will help feed hundreds of poverty-stricken citizens of rural Purulia, Bishnupur and Sundarban. #AapniKheleOraoKhabe!