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New Delhi, 10 March 2024: Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah inaugurated the National Database. Shah, who is associated with the cooperative movement, believes that’The identification of the gap where cooperative societies are less across the country will prove helpful in the expansion of cooperatives through the National Database.’
Today, with the skilled guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah, the worn-out cooperative societies have become vibrant. The country’s cooperative activities are now centralized and computerized. Now, cooperatives are being made multi-purpose across the country. Amit Shah, who practices the politics of ‘Antyodaya’ (upliftment of the last person), repeatedly state that by the year 2027, there will be one cooperative in every Panchayat in the country, is likely to be proven true. This is why the National Database has been created, which will help identify the gap in the number of cooperative societies across the country and assist in the expansion of cooperatives. Every piece of information about cooperatives will now be available with just one click through the National Database. A National Database, working as a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders, will act as a compass for the development of the cooperative sector. In fact, this database is the basis of India’s entire cooperative activities, created using cutting-edge technology. Through the database portal, small cooperative institutions can receive guidance for their expansion.The database has the potential to connect information from PACS to APEX, from village to city, from mandi to the global market, and from state to international databases. The solution to geographical imbalance, sectoral imbalance, community imbalance, and functional imbalance – all these issues have been finely addressed within this database using tools. Looking at the rise of the cooperative sector, it seems that Modi’s cooperation will bring prosperity, development through digital means, and achieve goals through the database. In the present times of Amrit Kaal, more than 8 lakh cooperatives are registered, and more than 30 crores citizens are connected to these societies.
After independence, there was a demand for the separate formation of the Ministry of Cooperation for decades, but no government paid attention to it. As a result, the condition of the cooperative sector continued to worsen. In 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fulfilled the task of establishing a separate Ministry of Cooperation, and the command of it was handed over to Union Home Minister and veteran BJP leader Amit Shah. Since his early days, Shah, who has been associated with the cooperative sector, has not left any stone unturned in empowering cooperative societies in just a few years.
Modi Ji, who is engaged in building a new India, and Amit Shah, who has changed the direction and situation of Indian politics, have a nature to take courageous decisions and implement them to fruition. This is why the Ministry of Cooperation was established, and today the cooperative sector is also developing.