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Maitree is a conglomeration and network of like – minded organizations and individuals who are working in solidarity towards the realization of women’s rights and their empowerment. This is a forum working since last 25 years with more than 40 feminist organizations and individuals since in West Bengal to eliminate violence against women in all forms and to establish equality by removing all kinds of discrimination and disparities in the society.
‘International Women’s Day’ on 8th March, is a day to re-inspire friendship and bonding. This day needs to be observed and remembered that women’s suffrage, equal pay for work, fixed working hours, women-friendly workplaces and many more rights that are our constitution safeguards, have their origins in the women’s movement. 8th March is a symbol of women empowerment as well. Like previous years, this time too, we stand united again to inspire, motivate and remember the women’s movement towards reinstating empowerment of women.

Even today, women are the most unprotected segment in the society and this is being proved again and again through incidents in Sandeshkhali,West Bengal, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh or throughout the nation. We must not forget the incidents in Gaza, where women and children are the most affected.
So, it is time that we observe this day to bring glory to women’s movement and protest against these atrocities. Maitree stands for ensuring the protection of rights of women and children, across all domains.
Let us all unite at Rubi More (Near Gateway) on 8th March, 3 pm and call for the restoration and continuity of women’s movement