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New Delhi: Addressing the ongoing BJP National Convention in Delhi in 2024, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah stated, ‘Today, the country is counting the last breaths of insurgency, terrorism and Naxalism. In the third term of the Modi government, the country will be completely free from terrorism, separatism, and Naxalism.’
The country has decided that in 2024, Modi ji will once again become the Prime Minister. The aim of this National Convention happening before the elections is the commitment to the developed India of Prime Minister Modi ji by 2047. With this message, our party will reach every part of the country. There is no doubt across the country. The BJP, winning for the third time, will make India the world’s third-largest economy.
The opposition made a ruckus when Article 370 was abrogated from Jammu and Kashmir. However, today, Jammu and Kashmir is progressing with new changes after the removal of Article 370. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, under his leadership, has worked to promote overall development and has moved the economy from the 11thrank to the 5thrank. The development that has occurred in these 10 years has eliminated any doubt across the country that PM Modi will become the Prime Minister again.
The Home and Cooperation Minister said that in 75 years, this country has witnessed 17 Lok Sabha elections, 22 governments, and 15 Prime Ministers. Every government in the country has tried to develop in a timely manner. But today, without any confusion, it can be said that comprehensive development, development of every sector, and development of every individual has only happened in the 10 years of Narendra Modi. In these 10 years, Modi ji has worked to eliminate nepotism, casteism, and appeasement.
The I.N.D.I Alliance and the Congress party have always promoted corruption, nepotism, appeasement, and casteism. However, Prime Minister Modi Ji has worked in these 10 years to eliminate corruption, nepotism, appeasement, and casteism from the country and focus on development.
The political Chanakya Shah further said, ‘I.N.D.I Alliance is a coalition of seven family-based parties, which are in the form of 2G, 3G, and 4G in the country.’
This is not a mobile network but the character of the opposition. 2G means two generations, 3G means three generations, and 4G means four generations. The four successive generations of the opposition are practicing dynasty politics. The President of this country comes from a tribal family. Prime Minister Modi ji and the BJP have honoured all tribes by making a poor tribal daughter the President. The Vice President of this country is the son of a farmer. A person working at the booth in the BJP can become the President and the Prime Minister. This possibility is only available in the BJP because we have kept our party a democratic party.