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Bring out your prettiest suits, jhumkas and aviators. It’s that time of the year again! Friends and family reuniting to unleash the magic of colours. Before we turn into a palette of colours, and bring out our water guns let’s talk skincare! No one wants to relive the ‘trauma’ of sporting blotches of colours for days.

We have a solution. A before and after skincare routine you’ll thank us later for. And enjoy too!

Before we let any colour stain us, follow these pre-party steps!
Hydra White Foam Cleanser: Experience the magic of our Intense Whitening Foam Cleanser, a gentle yet powerful liquid-to-foam formula designed to effortlessly whisk away dirt, impurities, and makeup residue. This cleanser maintains your skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it clear, refreshed, and deeply hydrated. Powered by a unique 4D action, it inhibits melanin production, promotes collagen synthesis, and shields your skin from harmful UV damage, ensuring a radiant complexion that lasts. This product, priced at INR 790, becomes your ultimate shield, prepping your skin for the festival ahead.
Cellular Dry Oil: Enriched with a blend of pure essential oils, this face oil effortlessly seals in your skin’s natural moisture, leaving behind a feather-light touch without any greasy residue. Revel in the results: revitalized, velvety-smooth, and luminous skin that glows with vitality. It boasts an ultra-hydrating and nourishing formula that absorbs swiftly, ensuring your skin drinks in the goodness, in a few seconds!

At INR 1,200, Experience the replenishing power of this face oil as it restores lost nourishment, leaving your skin visibly supple and resilient for the upcoming celebration.

Hydra White Day Lotion: This unique complex by Colorbar protects the skin from UV damage while giving it a boost of long-lasting hydration. The lotion, priced at INR 990, is oily/combination skin’s most trusted partner in whitening radiance and its weightless formula delivers long-lasting hydration while minimizing discoloration, so oily/combination skin looks clearer and more even with every application.

Post Skin Prep:
Hemp + Vitamin C Restoring & Balancing Foaming Face Wash: This gentle foaming face wash by Colorbar is infused with the power of cold-pressed Hemp Seed oil and Vitamin C, and is your key to starting and ending your day on a high note. With its soft built-in brush, it effortlessly delves deep into your pores, banishing excess oil, impurities, and dirt like a spell. Further strengthening your skin’s natural defenses, this face wash leaves behind a soft, bewitching touch. Experience the magic of skincare, at INR 495, and let your skin sparkle after the Holi party!

Like magic, see all traces and embarrassing blotches of stubborn colour disappear! Go party without fear, beautiful people. Follow these steps to the T. You can find all the products mentioned at our exclusive stores. Or quickly visit our website www.colorbarcosmetics.com and add to cart just in time for Holi!