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New Delhi, India – April 5, 2024 – Life Coach Ritu Singal, the esteemed owner of Winner Nippon Leatherette Pvt. Ltd., India’s largest PU leather manufacturer, unveiled her autobiography titled “I Decided Not to Cry” at a grand event held in Delhi University. The book launch, organized by the Literature Society of Satyawati College, University of Delhi, witnessed the gathering of eminent personalities from various fields.

The chief guest for the occasion was Lovejeet Alexander, a distinguished consulting editor from ITV Network. The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Anju, the esteemed Principal of Satyawati College, who warmly welcomed Ritu Singal to the event. Notable attendees included Kanchan, a renowned news anchor from India News Business, Nidhi from Republic TV, Radhika from The Individual’s, and Bipin Bihari Dubey from the Udyam Learning Foundation.

During the book launch, Ritu Singal shared insights into her remarkable journey spanning 17 years, marked by numerous challenges and triumphs. She candidly narrated her experiences of overcoming adversity, including the revival of her company from bankruptcy. Ritu embarked on her entrepreneurial journey following the loss of her husband 17 years ago, a pivotal moment that shaped her resilience and determination.

Addressing the audience, Dr. Anju, the Principal of Satyawati College, expressed gratitude to Ritu Singal for accepting the invitation and inspiring thousands of young minds with her remarkable story. She highlighted Ritu’s journey as a beacon of hope and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs and students alike.

The event provided an opportunity for students to interact with Ritu Singal and gain invaluable insights from her experiences. Ritu’s autobiography, “I Decided Not to Cry,” promises to inspire readers with its tale of courage, perseverance, and eventual triumph in the face of adversity.