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In a spectacular cultural celebration, the Kamarhati Nazrul Mancha was transformed into a vibrant hub of talent and joy as the RICE-ADAMAS Group hosted the ‘Sarod Milan Utsab’ on October 19, marking the commencement of the Durga Puja festival.

Organized by the RICE-ADAMAS Group, this event brought together a vibrant mosaic of talent, culture, and joy. This momentous day witnessed the presence of the faculty and staff from various prominent institutions within the RICE-ADAMAS Group, including RICE Education, RICE Smart, Adamas University, Adamas International School, Adamas World School, Adamas Tech Consulting, and Adamas Kids.

Prof. Dr. Samit Ray, the founder of the RICE-ADAMAS Group, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his delight at bringing together the entire community for this auspicious occasion.

Adamas International School, Adamas World School, Adamas University, and The RICE Education Unit showcased their creativity through dance, music, and drama performances, underscoring the richness of Bengali culture and heritage. The audience was spellbound by the artistic prowess of the organisation’s employees and a captivating musical performance by Raghab Chatterjee, a renowned musical artist. Raghab’s captivating performance, showcasing his unique compositions and demonstrating his exceptional talent was truly impressive and added a significant highlight to the event.

The ‘Sarod Milan Utsab 2023’ not only marked the beginning of Durga Puja but also celebrated unity, culture, and art, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the RICE-ADAMAS Group and Bengal’s cultural treasures.