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Discovering Switz Foods’ remarkable 31-year journey is truly heartening. The inception of Mio Amore, a renowned brand under Switz Foods, marked the beginning of this humble venture. The company’s success can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. What is truly commendable is witnessing Mio Amore evolve from its modest origins to a thriving family of over 1000 employees.

The emphasis on understanding the emotional and cultural depth of the people of Bengal, especially regarding their food choices and sweet preferences, reflects a deep connection between Mio Amore and its community. Being a catalyst for building celebration moments with crafted cakes and savory snacks is a beautiful way to contribute to the warmth of people’s hearts.

As the company was formed on December 9, 1993, the Mio Amore team celebrated its 31st ‘Jonmodin’ a few days ago, when the entire management team marched into the market and stood inside the Mio Amore stores to serve its customers. This was not only a unique & touching gesture but also a great way to honor the loyalty & trust that the customers have placed in the brand since years. The involvement of various heads of departments including logistics, Information Technology (IT) to Chief Operations Officers demonstrates the collaborative effort that goes into creating a memorable experience for customers.

A key spokesperson at Mio Amore says “We aren’t just a brand; we are a community that enjoys together the journey of celebrations with our people.”

As Mio Amore celebrated this significant milestone, the entire Management team expressed its heartfelt gratitude to its lacs of consumers in Bengal, skilled team members, and supportive partners who have been instrumental in its shared growth. Here’s a big thank to all our partners, franchisees & customers continued years of commitment, loyalty and love for Mio Amore!