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25th Nov, Kolkata-
Shagufta Hanaphie is an event curator & a philanthropist who works generously to honor women’s contributions to the society and raise awareness about their challenges they face. She believes that International Women’s Day is an important day, but we should not limit the celebration for women to just one day. We need to celebrate and appreciate women every day from all spheres of society.

Shagufta Hanaphie associated Mr. Abhishek Basu , International award winner Film & Music Director to collaborate and bring a platform where they can celebrate the achievements as well as raise awareness on various social topics like Abused Women , Single mothers , Sex Workers , abusive relationships, LGBTQ community etc . One such subject is the what Rajanigandha an upcoming short film is based upon – a flim about a sex worker’s life . The film is produced by Rimmi Mukherjee & directed by Mr. Basu itself .

From team Rajanigandha producer Rimmi Mukherjee, film maker Abhishek Basu, Supporting Actress Sharmila Chatterjee and Assistant Cinematographer Saikat Pal , Rishita Das supporting actress were present.Shagufta Hanaphie Curator Obhaya Samman & founder SHE , Educationist Mr. Imran Zaki, Founder Alok Foundation Debjani Ghosh were also present too .

Film Rajanigandha stars renowned actress Kamalika Banerjee, famous actors Debopriyo Mukherjee and Deepak Halder in lead roles.

Obhaya Samman is a platform which celebrates the Courageous & the brave women who had walked along way of struggle , hardship and vigour . They are the one who have walked the extra mile to gain fame , name and are proud to take that leap .
Obhaya Samman is not an annual contribution to the society . Team Rajanigandha & Team Shagufta Hanaphie Events are in search of such women throughout the country . The first chapter was celebrated during Durga puja 2023 and today at press club OBHAYA SAMMAN- Chapter 2 has been organised .

The Obhaya Samman awardees are – :

Karishma- An educator , a graphic designer and a model . She is the bold victor of Domestic Abuse.

Kahini Bhattacharjee- A corporate groomer , a Motivational Speaker and an Odissi dancer. As a single mother she has managed her lufe with ease .

Ajanta Sarkar – A Proffessional singer today .- She has been honed by Padamsree Anup Jalota . Life has given her lots of challenges but she has never shied away .

Adiwitiya Datta Banik – For her physical appearance was not above all . She donated her 18.9 inch hair for cancer survivors . As a grooming consultant and many pageants winner it’s not easy to do what she did . A true philanthropist by heart .

Pihu Papiya – A life coach , holistic healer and author . Being a single mother she has been conquering new heights of achievements and balancing life quite well .

Heena Aftab – She finds her joy in exploring the intricacies of life, a curious soul eager to learn and understand diverse perspectives. Heena takes a special concern on the stray animals and she has rescued few dogs & cats who are now an integral part of her life.Her ultimate dream is to set up an animal shelter in order to protect them from the notoriety of humans.

” One of the main reasons why we should celebrate women every day is because of the valuable contributions they make to society. Women are leaders, innovators, and caretakers. They are business owners, doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, and more. Here at Obhaya platform you will meet and interact with women beyond boundaries. ” said Shagufta Hanaphie presenter and founder of SHE alias Shagufta Hanaphie Events.

Shagufta Hanaphie is a women who herself have faced various numerous challenges in her life every day.She believes that gender inequality is still prevalent in many parts of world . Women are paid less than men, and they face discrimination and harassment in the workplace as well . Women are also more likely to experience violence and sexual assault. By celebrating women every day, we can help raise awareness about these issues and work towards creating a more equitable world for all.

Joining her army to empower women of all walks Alok Foundation, Kolkata WeCare, Unicorn Recruiter, Shirin’s Kitchen and bakery , Education Hub & Best Friendz Society have come in together . The award has been curated by Shagufta Hanaphie Owner of Shagufta Hanaphie Events.

” Celebrating women every day also helps to promote gender equality. Women make invaluable contributions to our society, and we should recognize and appreciate them for their hard work and dedication every day ” said Flim & Music Director Abhishek Basu.

Let’s together promote gender equality and create a more inclusive world for all.