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In a remarkable celebration of talent and empowerment, ten girls from Vivekananda Adarsha Vidyalaya in the Sundarbans region have left an indelible mark with their powerful artwork at the Women in Art Expo in Kolkata.

The exhibition, inaugurated by danseuse Tanushree Shankar and actresses Swastika Mukherjee and Chandreyee, showcased the profound narratives of these young artists, addressing themes such as conservation, violence against women, mothers as breadwinners, and the impact of natural calamities.

The artwork delves into the intricate lives of rural Bengal. Mandira Das of Class V depicted the struggles of nature and motherhood in a single painting, portraying a woman as a tree being cut down while also highlighting societal challenges faced by women.

Adwitiya Das of Class IV vividly portrayed the societal pressures on women, symbolised by crows harming a woman. 
The emotional depth of the artwork resonated with the expo’s visitors, including Tanushree Shankar and Swastika Mukherjee, who spent time understanding the themes and lives of these young artists. The art expo not only reflected the talent nurtured by the school but also exemplified its commitment to experiential learning, freedom of expression, and participative education.

Prof. Ujjwal Chowdhury, chief patron of the school, acknowledged the role of brand gurus Kounteya Sinha, Mohan Chandra, and Arnab Chatterjee in providing this unique platform for the girls. The exhibition stands as a proof of the resilience and creativity of these young artists from marginalised families, offering a poignant glimpse into life in rural Sundarbans.