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Calcutta Lions Club was inaugurated on February 1, 1957. Lions Club International was recognized on March 13. Already as an international social service organization, the Lions Club entered its centenary in 2017. 67 years of Calcutta district organization also completed. Every year the annual district conference is like an annual festival for the members. Lions Ashok Surana, Lions Paoyan Murarka, Lions GS Hora, Lions Kanak Dugar, Shekhar Mehta, Lions Swati Goswami, Parshnath Aggarwal, Vijay Jodhani and Nitin Aggarwal were invited on the stage. The conference mainly reviews the previous year’s programme. The next year’s executive committee is elected. In last year’s review, last year’s district governor Kanak Dugar said that at this moment the number of members of District 322 B organization has exceeded eight hundred and fifty. This year, which will exceed a thousand. The organization has already arranged around 275 heart operations. Many kidneys have provided dialysis.

Outgoing Governor Kanak Dugar also said, last September I organized a cycle rally to build India Bangladesh friendship, about 100 Lions from Kolkata participated in this friendship campaign. We create new annual committees by developing an emotional connection with the civil society. As a part of society we undertake social service programs throughout the year. We provide life-starting kits to around 1,000 newborn babies of homeless mothers. My district members implement our programs with sincerity. I salute them. If we continue to fulfill our moral duty as a citizen to advance the progress of the country, the country will become the best of all our countries. We have a firm belief that the newly formed committee under the leadership of the district governor who will be elected through the elections this time will further expand the tradition of the Lions Club.