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5 March 2024: Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah on Sunday released three videos about the success of the Modi government in tackling the drug trade and its menace. Modi government is moving rapidly towards achieving the goal of drug-free India through detection of drugs in the country, destruction of networks, detention of culprits and rehabilitation of drug addicts. A drug-free India under the leadership of Modi ji and the guidance of Amit Shah is the greatest gift to the coming generations.
In the golden age of independence, under the strict approach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the able guidance of Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah, preparations to curb the drug trade are going on in full swing,due to this approach there is the drastic rise in the number of arrests and seizures.Due to Shah’s strong policies, through Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration among governments and agencies, the strategy has resulted in an increased number of drug seizures and cases registered.
Under the leadership of Modi ji and the guidance of Amit Shah and the multi-pronged efforts made by the Home Ministry to curb the illicit drug trade, the quantity of narcotics seized increased by almost 100% and the cases registered against those dealing in it increased by 152%.
According to the data, during the period 2006 to 2013 the number of cases registered was 1257 in number which shot up by 3 times during 2014-2023 to 3755. The arrests increased by 4 times from 1363 in the 2006-13 period to 5745 in the 2014-23 period. The quantity of seized drugs doubled during the Modi regime to 3.95 lakh kgs from 1.52 lakh kgs seized during 2006-13. The value of seized drugs jumped 30 times during the Modi government to Rs.22,000 crore from Rs.768 crore achieved in the period 2006-13.
Due to Modi ji’s leadership and Shah’s foresight, anti-narcotics agencies did an unprecedented job of destroying 12 lakh kilograms of drugs worth Rs 12,000 crore. To realize the dream of a drug-free India the four tier NCORD mechanism was strengthened in 2019 for better cohesion and synergy between the Central and State drug law enforcement agencies.
Not only the country but the people all over the world have seen the fact that Amit Shah’s strategies are yielding results in the Modi government to build a drug-free new India.