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Delhi, 21st December 2023: Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah presented three new criminal bills in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, all of which have been passed. These bills will now move to the Rajya Sabha for approval, and upon clearance, they will be sent to the President for final approval. The proposed legislation aims to usher in a new era of justice in India, focusing on transparency, impartiality, and a departure from the punitive approach towards a more equitable legal system. Shah asserts that this initiative marks a significant shift from the colonial legacy, symbolizing freedom from a mindset of servitude and British-imposed laws.
In this transformative period of Amrit Kaal, the new laws, collectively forming the Criminal Justice System of New India, aim to replace punitive measures with a focus on dispensing justice. Amit Shah emphasizes that the Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, and Indian Evidence Act, enacted during British rule, were designed for punishment rather than justice. Consequently, under Shah’s leadership, these codes will be renamed as the Indian Justice Code, Indian Civil Security Act, and Indian Evidence Act, respectively.
Over the past nine years, the Modi government, guided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and adeptly led by Amit Shah, has consistently fulfilled its manifesto promises. Repealing Article 370 and Article 35A, symbolic of the removal of symbols of subjugation, and undertaking substantial legal reforms exemplify the government’s commitment to its pledges. The government’s actions include the fulfillment of promises related to women’s rights, counter-terrorism measures, and the resolution of the Ayodhya issue, with the construction of the Ram Temple scheduled for January 22.
Minister Shah, a key figure in the BJP, envisions an accelerated pace of justice delivery, emphasizing that justice will now be dispensed based on equity rather than punishment. The people of the country bear witness to Shah’s dedication to introducing a new legal framework and fulfilling these commitments. Based on the achievements of the past nine years, it can be asserted that the Modi-Shah alliance is poised to realize this promise fully.