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Kolkata, January 12, 2024
Emphasizing the importance of children’s literature in the backdrop of National Youth Day, the SPK Jain Futuristic Academy proudly inaugurated the Kolkata Children’s Literature Festival 2024 today. This event, aligning with the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, echoes his values and visions in nurturing young minds through reading and creativity.
The grand inauguration at the academy’s Newtown campus began at 11:45 am and witnessed the esteemed presence of Chief Advisor Debasish Sen, serving as MD HIDCO and Chairman of NKDA/NDITA. In his inspiring speech, Mr. Sen underscored the significance of launching the festival on this auspicious day. “The values and teachings of Swami Vivekananda deeply resonate with the festival’s purpose – to foster a love for literature among our future generations,” he remarked.
Mr. Sen highlighted the need to bring children’s literature to the forefront. He stated, “There’s a burgeoning demand for quality children’s writing. We often see children eagerly queuing up for book releases. It’s high time we address this need and provide more platforms for young authors and readers alike.”
The festival’s opening was further distinguished by the presence of the office bearers of the Jain Sabha, members of the school board Lalith Kankaria, Jaideep Patwa, and Principal, Darshan Mutha. Their collective presence underscored the community’s support and commitment to the festival’s success and its objectives.
The festival, scheduled for the 13th and 14th of January, promises an exciting lineup of speakers, authors, and performers. It aims to captivate young audiences with workshops, storytelling sessions, and interactive discussions, encouraging them to delve into the enchanting world of books and ideas.
As the inaugural ceremony concluded, the SPK Jain Futuristic Academy looks forward to a successful literary journey. “Join us in this momentous event that not only celebrates literature but also pays homage to the enduring legacy of Swami Vivekananda in shaping young minds,” the organizers invite.