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The objective of the reunion meet was to relive the glorious 14-15 years spent in an institution in 4-5 hours in the opportunity that we were provided .
So the preparations and arrangements started with itinerary as below
We had an e-invite followed by video invite , nandu video invite , disciplinary caution video and 25 years journey video

1) Have a common dress code / uniform for all batch 99 students .. Blue jeans , white shirt and personalised hoodie

2) Gather at our regular ADDA
” NANDU ” for refreshments

3) Moving ahead in a group to the attend school

4) School tour along with class attendance

5) school Song sung by students and teachers ( 1st time in Alumni history) Speech by 74 batch and 99 batch along with felicitation and momentos from teachers / Shri Birla ji

6) Family members come to take the ex students along with ID cards issued specially for the 99 batch and enjoy refreshments of school canteen
Play games like 🏀 / volleyball/ 🏏

7) Dispersal with a goodie bag for all students / teachers and group staff of school